Purpose and Introduction-

The purpose of this blog is to share my journey as a student writer. I will share with you a few of my essay’s and some reflection through the process of and after writing them. Let me introduce myself.My name is Jeremy Tyree. I am originally from a very small farming community in Southern Indiana. I left home at the age of seventeen to join the United States Marine Corps. I have traveled the world and have been involved in four separate conflicts. I served in the Marines for over twenty years and retired in 2012. I chose firefighting as a second career and now work for The City of Yuma Fire Department. I have been married to my best friend for eleven years and we have three gorgeous children. They get the gorgeous from mom! Two boys and a precious little girl.

Educational Journey-

I told myself when I graduated high school that I would never go to college. I did not like school at all. Granted I was only a seventeen year old kid when I graduated. I completed a very successful career in the Marines without a college degree. Only when I decided I was going to be a firefighter for my next career did I learn I had to go to college. I honestly like going to college. I am a much better student as an adult than I ever was as a teenager. It has taken me four years to obtain my associates degree, but I am nearly there. I will have it after the New Year. I waited until the end of my degree to complete the English course requirements. I enrolled in two English classes this last semester. They are condensed classes that are 8 weeks long a piece. It has been very tough to get through them successfully. I received an A on the first course. This last English class is almost complete and I hope for another A. That’s going to be a long shot, but it is a possibility. I really want to keep my 3.8 GPA!

I have not done any formal writing since high school twenty-two years ago. I did do a lot of writing in the Marines as a senior enlisted leader. I wrote awards for my Marines and I wrote procedural documents for aircraft maintenance processes. I thought I was decent at writing at the time. I was wrong in this assumption. These past four months I have learned so much by being in these English classes. I learned how to outline, brainstorm, and how to put together a decent composition. Some of the strengths I feel I have is the ability to be descriptive with words and the ability to tell a story. My weaknesses are many in writing. The proper way to write is new to me so I still make many mistakes when I write. I know this will improve as I write more. This is just the beginning of my journey as a writer. I feel I have gained a good solid foundation in writing thanks to my Instructors and my classmates.

The Meat and Potatoes-

Throughout this blog I will be posting some of my writings and the reflections that came after their completion. I am going to be posting three of my compositions. The first will be”The Literacy Memoir“. I am using this one because of the story I tell was an experience that greatly affected me. My first draft of this essay lacked some descriptive details that would make this writing more enjoyable to read. With the help of my professor, I was able to brighten the final draft of this essay. I feel I was able to be descriptive enough so that the reader can have a mental picture of the story I am telling. I feel that this is very important in any writing. You have to capture the reader. I also had a mountain of grammar errors to correct. The second is “The Profile” essay. My profile was stay at home moms. I interviewed my wife and she was my profile. I have the utmost respect for stay at home moms. I feel this essay is worthy to post on this blog because I want to share the sacrifice my wife makes for our family and how well a job she does. Many stay at home moms sacrifice so much personally. I wanted to paint a picture of the mundane job a stay at home mom sometimes has and how important it is to families. I didn’t have to change much with this essay other than grammatical errors. I did add some extra content that I thought made it a better read. My professor had noted some grammar errors that were corrected and she gave me some insight on wording a few things differently. You can be the judge of that as you read through both versions. Let me know what you think! The third and final composition is my “The Ethnography” essay. This essay took the most effort. I had to do field research, interviews, and quite a bit of leg work to put it together. This essay really tested me and the one I had the most trouble with. The essay is about winter visitors that come to Yuma, Arizona for the winter months. This is a very interesting group of people and I want to tell their story. They are sometimes misunderstood by the local population of the city in which they stay for the winter months. I butchered this one. When I received back the graded version, it looked like the “SOP” I had written about earlier. Red was the primary color on this paper! I took all my professors’ comments to heart and tried my best to correct it. The biggest mistake I made on this essay was that I put myself and my feelings on the subject at the forefront. It took away from my subject and had too much of me in it. I removed all that and tried to place the focus back on the people I was writing about. I also made some citing errors. The credit was not given to my resources in the right spots. This also was a huge error I made and one that I corrected. Please don’t judge me on the first draft. Read the final, then make your judgment.

Thank You-

I hope you enjoy reading my compositions.. Some I am proud of and some I am not. They are a big part of my beginnings as a writer. Again, I welcome your comments and suggestions.  I hope you will be able to see that this farm boy from Indiana learned something.

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